Brown Bag Lunch Talk - Review

Well personally,  I think the first one went really well. It was a bit cramped in the room as more than 20 people turned up to listen to Helga Watkins-Baker and Alex Webb talk about Frome Creative Network and creative Frome. David Chandler recorded the session for FromeFM and has promised to realease a brilliantly edited podcast for anyone who missed it. We had people from as far away as Shaftsbury, so the word is getting out that Creativity happens in Frome, so please keep spreading the rumour. An interesting mix of people from both business and the arts with lots of chatting and finding out what else was in the pipeline at all sorts of levels, the festival, empty shop projects, directories, Artisan Market etc. TheList was highlighted as having led some people to find out about the event as well as posters and flyers around town. All in all a good event with offers of more help,  so I hope lots of you will turn up at the next one on Monday, Jan 17th at Rook Lane when Jim Brewster talks about engaging audiences.  Thanks for coming. Carolyn   


Heard about the event from

Heard about the event from the job centre.

Thanks for taking your time

Thanks for taking your time and for organising the event. Freya

Great idea, really enjoyed

Great idea, really enjoyed myself.