Brown Bag Lunches -

Commercial design versus artists: A sell out or patronage?

This was a bit of the conversation that followed Thursday's Brown Bag Lunch with an excellent presentation by Luke Manning of Pencil design.

It was a very interesting and diverse group that met on Thursday at Rook Lane. Discussion ranged from art should shock and provoke. Artists may be self-indulgent, as they can produce work they want to and then find a market to exhibit or sell to if they choose or you could argue that commercial design rather than 'selling out' harks back to the Renaissance when patrons purchased work but stipulated what should be drawn or painted by the master or apprentice, what materials should be used including their quality (for example ultramarine 1 florin or 4 florins and how much gold), the delivery date and the penalties for not meeting the contract!

We all enjoyed debating our respective views.

See you at the next one.