For Those of You who Missed the Home in Frome Float at the Carnival

Hats of to those of you who worked so hard to make this happen. The lantern procession and float were amazing, ethereal, evocative, beautiful and sustainable. Well done. I hope you enjoy the pictures we were able to capture even though they do not do it justice.If you have better ones you would like to include please send them in.


Home in Frome Carnival

Home in Frome Carnival Project... We did it! And we won a trophy – the Oasis carnival cup!  Well done everyone.

  Watching the procession flow down Bath Street with the band playing, the house lit up and the sea of lanterns carried along by you all was absolute magic! Thank you to everyone who took part on the night, the lantern and float carriers, shadow puppeteers and musicians. The audience loved it and showed their appreciation with applause and lots of encouraging and positive comments as we went by.

Special thanks to the artists Mel Day and Fiona Quinn who led workshops and gave us artistic direction throughout. They worked beyond the call of duty to make sure it all came together so beautifully.  Also thanks to all who contributed hours of their time during the past two weeks – you know who you are! The Silk Mill provided the perfect hub for preparations and it was buzzing with activity for days with people coming to workshops or popping in to do some making. Thanks to Damon and Kate for the space and letting us make it our own. Lots of photos and film has been appearing on Facebook and elsewhere. Here are a couple of links for you to look up: Photos: Short film on youtube:  If you  or any of your friends took photos or film we would love to see them. Also, we would love to have your comments of the experience of being involved in the project and of taking part on carnival night... it could help us to gain funding for future events like this. And on the subject of funding... a big thanks to Flourish Homes for giving us a grant to make this all happen!

The Home in Frome project will continue with its oral history project and you can find out more by looking at .uk  We will let you know about other events that you can get involved in and welcome any ideas you might have of how we can celebrate Frome’s past, present and future. It was a pleasure meeting you all and sharing this unforgettable experience, Best wishes Annabelle (Creative Producer Home in Frome Carnival project.)


That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful! Well done everybody involved and good luck for the future. Jo at Rook Lane Chapel

Frome carnival

Looked excellent! and fun!!! From Kate in Tasmania!